Association of Property Owners in Lakeland's Foremost Golf Course Community

New to Eaglebrooke? Make sure you get your access control barcode for your vehicles!

Frequent Points

Submit to the ARC

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC), has the responsibility of reviewing and approving all new construction and exterior improvements to properties within Eaglebrooke to ensure that they comply with the deed restrictions and landscape guidelines of the development. To submit plans or proposals, please download the following PDF and submit accordingly.

Meeting Minutes

The following document archive contains past meeting minutes from Eaglebrooke Community Association Architectural Review Committee meetings, Eaglebrooke Community Association Board of Directors meetings, and Grandview Association meetings. Meeting minutes are only available on this website through 2013.

Document Archive

The following document archive contains Eaglebrooke restrictions, landscape guidelines, and other periodicals not directly related to the ongoing business of the Architectural Review Committee, Board of Directors meetings, or Grandview Association meetings.

Report a Violation of the Deed Restrictions

If you believe a violation of the deed restrictions within Eaglebrooke have occurred, please fill out the following form to document the violation. Only formally reported violations will be considered.

Report a Streetlight Outage

To report a streetlight outage within Eaglebrooke, please fill out the following form to send a maintenance request to the association manager. The numerical identification from the light pole is required.

Club Property Maintenance Request

If you notice a section of common area that requires extra attention or you are a resident of a Club Property, please use this form to request additional maintenance on your home.

Welcome to the Eaglebrooke Community Association

About the Association

The Eaglebrooke Community Association, Inc. is a community organization of property owners in Eaglebrooke, an 18-hole championship golf community in Lakeland, Florida.  The association is responsible for the enforcement of deed restrictions for the benefit of property owners, and the approval of all households or exterior improvements to households through the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).

New residents are asked to review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of this website for an overview of the community including entrance procedures, deed restrictions, and other information.

Residents, please note that the phone number for the controlled access gate is 863-701-9702. This number should be used to contact the gate staff to let them know of late arriving guests, parties, and other pertinent information. If an emergency situation arises, please notify the Polk County Sheriff’s Department prior to notifying the front gate.

Contact the Manager

  • 813) 645-1569
  • PO Box 1058, Ruskin, FL 33575