Frequent Questions

 You have 2 options. Under the Report an Issue tab at the top of the page, you will find a link to report a Restriction Violation. There, you can list all the pertinent details of the violation and the property in question. If you feel the matter should be brought to the attention of your neighborhood block captain, you can contact he/she by locating them under The Association tab at the top of the page. The only matters that will be discussed at the monthly HOA Board meetings are those submitted in writing through either of the previously mentioned avenues. Any member of the community is welcomed at these meetings.

Exterior improvements to your home that require prior approval from the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) include anything that affects the exterior of your home or lot; for example, painting, fencing, major landscaping, the addition of a swimming pool or hot tub, the addition of a patio, or the addition of cement or pavers. Failure to obtain prior approval is a violation of the deed restrictions. You can find the ARC submission form on the website if you go to the HOME page, and scroll down until you see the Submit to ARC link.  Click once on this link, this should take you to the online application form for all exterior changes.  The ARC meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm at the Clubhouse.  A review of decisions made at this meeting will be shared at 6:00 pm.  All members of the community are welcome to the ARC meeting.

All residents in Eaglebrooke may utilize a barcode-driven quick entry system at the front gate. Residents without this barcode will be required to check-in with the guard on duty in order to enter the neighborhood. To obtain a barcode, go to the HOME page, and scroll down until you see the Request a Barcode link. Click once on this link, this should take you to the online application form for an Access Barcode. You can complete the form and submit your request online. Or you can contact the Association Manager for a form by sending an email to, calling 863-701-0401 ext. 1255, or stopping by the Clubhouse.  Please be sure to have proper proof of residency available.

Regularly scheduled weekly trash pick-up is scheduled to occur on Friday mornings. Please note that services often start as early as 6AM, so trash cans and recycling bins should be placed out the night before. Note: If a holiday falls during the week, the trash pickup is typically delayed 1 day.

Yard Waste is picked up every Friday.  Residents of Eaglebrooke must place their yard waste in front of their property on the curb in order for it to be picked up.  Yard waste should NOT be placed on or in front of a vacant lot.  Vacant lots DO NOT pay for trash removal, therefor the yard waste will NOT be picked up if it is sitting in front of a vacant lot.  Residents can be fined if they are caught dumping their yard waste on or in front of a vacant lot.  If you have a personal lawn service they should be removing the yard waste, and taking it with them after they complete their work on your property.  The only yard waste that should be left on the curb in front of your home is lawn debris from homeowners who are doing their own lawn work. 

If you are experiencing problems with pickup of your yard waste, please call the county at 863-284-4319 or send an email to to inform them of the issue.

Residents of Eaglebrooke are permitted to have 1 garage sale per year, per household. Garage sales are not permitted to start before 8:00am. Prior approval is not required unless substantial signage is being placed throughout the development.

The Golden Lakes Community Development District (CDD) is local unit of special-purpose government created primarily for the purpose of providing infrastructure for new communities and limited to the performance of those specialized functions authorized by Chapter 190, Florida Statutes. This act provides legal authority for CDDs, such as the Golden Lakes CDD, to finance the acquisition, construction, operation and maintenance of the major infrastructure for community development. You will notice a line item on your tax bill in reference to the Golden Lakes CDD. It is important to note that the Golden Lakes CDD and the Eaglebrooke Community Association, Inc. are separate entities with different responsibilities.

The Golden Lakes Community Development District (CDD) owns the Eaglebrooke Golf Course and Club facilities, and is mainly charged with the responsibility of security within Eaglebrooke, common area landscaping, upkeep of street lights, upkeep of roads throughout Eaglebrooke, control of gate access, and the Golf Course and Club facilities.

For more information on the Golden Lakes Community Development District (CDD), please visit their website at

The phone number for the controlled access gate is 863-701-9702. This number should be used to contact the gate staff to let them know of late arriving guests, parties, and other pertinent information. If an emergency situation arises, do not notify the front gate and instead notify the Polk County Sheriff’s Department using 911 or (863) 298-6200. 

Repairs to mailboxes can be made by contacting Creative Mailbox & Sign Designs in Longwood, Florida at 813.818.7100. New mailboxes can also be purchased from this company. The design that matches the existing mailboxes within Eaglebrooke are the “Royal 10” with a black, cast aluminum finish.

Damaged or problem sidewalk areas are the responsibility of the property owner / homeowner. Please keep in mind that all common area sidewalks are the responsibility of the CDD and issues with common area sidewalks should be reported to the Association Manager by sending an email to, calling 863-701-0401 ext. 1255, or stopping by the Clubhouse.

Leaks between the meter and your home (meter reading will change), are the homeowner’s responsibility, and the homeowner should call a plumber.

Leaks between the meter and the road (meter reading will not change), is the county’s responsibility, and the homeowner should contact the county utility assistance at 863-294-4100. 

The miscellaneous covers and plates covering access to meters and various utilities are the responsibility of the utility provider. However, in some instances these are within the sidewalk area, and could present a fall hazard.  Please contact the CDD Management company, EnProVera (JoAnna Likar) at if you have a concern about a utility cover or plate.

Overnight parking on the streets within Eaglebrooke is prohibited.  Parking of any kind in the common area is also prohibited.  If residents see individuals parking in prohibited areas, please notify the Polk County Sheriff’s Department and the Association Manager.

On March 15, 2017, Billy Casper Golf Management Company (BCG) was selected by the Community Development District (CDD) to manage the Eaglebrooke Golf Course and Club facilities.